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Municipal Government Law

The law firm has extensive experience representing all areas of municipal governments, as well as individuals and corporations with municipal government law issues. The firm currently acts as Township Attorney for the Township of Wyckoff, the attorneys for the Zoning Board of Adjustment for Allendale and the Zoning Board of Adjustment for the Borough of Ramsey. Previously, the firm has represented the Zoning Board for the Borough of Saddle River, has acted as Municipal Prosecutor for the Township of Wyckoff, as well as Planning Board Attorney for the Township of Wyckoff. The firm has also been appointed as a Special Master to mediate issues between municipalities within the County of Passaic and County of Bergen concerning development rights and affordable housing. The areas of municipal government law include:

  • Representation Before Local Land Use Boards.
  • Representation of Municipalities.
  • Local Public Bidding Issues.
  • Open Public Records Act.
  • Municipal Regulatory Compliance
  • Tax Appeals
  • Challenging of Validity of Local Ordinances
  • Disputes With Local Governmental Entities